About Showpony Brand

Showpony Brand is a Los Angeles based vintage and handmade retail business established in Brooklyn, NY in 2013 by Kate Proulx.

What began as an exploration in leather working evolved into the Showpony Brand vintage collection. Designs are informed and inspired by the american southwest, tough women, America's social history, and anyone who wakes up and does what they love for a living.

My creative process is all about curiosity and learning. I am most inspired when creating something I have in my minds eye that pushes me to research and practice new techniques, skills, or processes—regardless of medium. It could be sewing a garment, renovating a living space, or designing a physical product. I hate doing the same thing twice, and If I'm learning something new I'm enthusiastic and turned on.

When picking, I look for vintage clothing that shows sign of a life before I found it. Anything that looks like someone wore the shit out of it, with hand-repairs, one-of-a-kind customizations or looks super worn out. I pick these items because they are well made, beat up and comfortable. To me, these pieces give a sense of person and place, rather than readily-available mass-produced clothing made by faceless people in a factory on the other side of the world. The environmental consciousness is just a bonus.

To me, personal style cannot be replicated—and neither can the best vintage finds. 


About Kate

Founder / Creative Director

My approach to life is strongly influenced by my grandfather. After dropping out of what he experienced as an un-just corporate world, he sustained himself by placing an ad in the newspaper offering his hauling services for free, then he would pick and resell the best finds in the classifieds or the local flea market. He always gifted me things from his bounty—musical instruments, barbie dolls, and art supplies. My approach to design is influenced by my education at Parsons and early 20s spent cutting my teeth in the agency world. I live in Mt Washington, Los Angeles with my boyfriend, James, and our dogs Hank and Dartania.